Case Studies

Here are some examples of work Levelstone’s contribution mentors have done with client management teams. These are described to illustrate some possibilities – we will of course tailor your programme to match the needs of your organisation and the individual participants. Confidentiality is important to us, so the case studies are anonymised. Verification references are possible however. You can read our Testimonials here.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions about your course design.

Improving Communication

A senior manager in a utility company recognised that their assertive management style was counter-productive. Their junior managers were not communicating effectively or delivering on their commitments.  Recognising that the senior manager’s own behaviours were at the root of these problems, we implemented a small programme for the management team. Whilst the senior manager found it at times challenging to overcome years of habit, their “self-awareness” coaching, along with the coaching of the junior managers on increasing their contributions, soon brought improved relationships and communications, and resulted in a rethink of how the organisation was managed. The group’s dispersed teams are now developing their focus on the differences they make locally and are adding significantly more value. The junior managers meanwhile are finding themselves with more capacity to think strategically and prepare for the long-term opportunities and challenges that are emerging.

Transformation through change

The senior manager of a large department in a manufacturing company asked for a programme for the entire management team. The organisation had been subject to a major redesign that had not been entirely successful in its implementation. Morale was poor, work quality sub-standard, delivery often late, customers were complaining. The management team was firefighting and becoming exhausted. We carried out a contribution assessment with several of the management team present. This helped the team to see where its weaknesses were but more importantly gave them hope that changes could be made and that between them they could turn the situation around.

The programme did much to improve morale amongst the managers and they were able to support and at times challenge each other to work through the key steps of creating a common vision, helping their teams to agree and set their missions and then set about creating and maintaining fully functional and motivated teams.

They were able to work together to move people around into roles where they could contribute more or better, and they were fully supported when confronting the few, but long overdue capability problems that had to be dealt with.

Attention then was paid to developing much improved relationships with customers and suppliers that resulted in a greater understanding of their needs and constraints. Eventually team members were given more responsibilities and the teams started to manage themselves on a daily basis, learning to deal with their own problems. The managers were able to start collaborating effectively to improve the organisation’s processes and planning.

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Case Studies

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