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How Levelstone’s management development works

We will visit your organisation and ask you to help us understand the symptoms of what is causing your concern. We may suggest undertaking a Contribution Assessment in which a small number of the most senior people in the organisation help us to identify the people who make the most and the least difference towards achieving your aims and why they are making the contributions that they are.  We will then diagnose where the opportunities lie and agree with you the nature and content of a Managing Contribution Programme.

A programme is typically a mix of mentoring calls, Topic Workshops and periodic mini-surveys of progress.

We may identify a group of managers or you may decide to involve your entire management team. We will however insist that the sponsoring senior manager takes part in the programme and becomes part of the solution.

The journey thereafter is  both a personal and collective one. It starts where each individual needs to start and ends when the management team is collaborating to achieve a shared vision through the strengths and capabilities of the workforce. The managers’ journeys start with themselves and their teams, then start to converge as the they find that they are confronting the same or similar issues. The challenges they face move away from being personal and team matters to  organisational ones.

We have created a range of Topic Modules that comprise the steps of the manager’s journey. Each Topic Module is a progressive step towards making more difference by learning some principles, how to apply them and specifically how to deploy them successfully in the individual’s own circumstances.  Some topics are covered within the mentoring programme, others are supplemented by a Topic Workshop. Usually the programme of coaching will help to identify which Topic Modules are relevant for the individual’s development and which can be covered either in overview or not at all. We don’t believe in sheep-dipping everybody. 

Alternatively, Topics can be pre-selected by the client company and be delivered as a group Topic Workshop, with either one or a number of individual implementation coaching calls, or a group implementation workshop run as a webinar.  This allows us to make the programme scalable to suit small groups and a range of budgets.

Should a topic emerge that is specific to your organisation we will develop a Topic Module for it.

We provide a manual to support the programme and material for each Topic Module is provided as it is reached. This can be provided in a paper or electronic format to suit the individuals’ preferences.

Our values regarding the Contribution Mentors we use are that they will provide as much or little support as each person feels is necessary. They are supportive allies who will hold their client gently but firmly accountable for making the changes they put in their plan throughout the programme.

We aim to be as unobtrusive as possible by keeping calls brief and taking participants away from their work for no more time than is necessary.  We will be as flexible as we can be to ensure that calls happen and progress is made continually.

Each participant has a personal Transition Plan that forms the basis of their learning and implementation journey, kept live and supported by brief coaching/mentoring calls. In the full programme, these start weekly and diminish in frequency to help them progress at their own pace towards a higher level of contribution.

We also offer a range of supplementary enhancements such as 360° feedback, emotional intelligence assessment and feedback, additional coaching for personal matters that may affect work.

To set up a Managing Contribution Programme, Topic Module or Workshop, simply get in touch to discuss your requirements without obligation.

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