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The full Levelstone® Managing Contribution Programmespans some 23 modules covering every aspect of the Five Stepping Stones of Contribution. Many of these modules are supported by workshops that we tailor for the audience and its business context.

Topic workshops can be arranged independently of the Managing Contribution Programme and are tailored to suit the needs of your organisation. Whilst we can and do provide them, we don’t normally offer workshops on topics that are typically provided internally within organisations or “off the shelf” by other providers, such as how to hold accountability reviews, give and receive feedback, etc. Here are some examples of our Topic Workshops:

This is the starting point for your team. We will help the sponsoring manager to prepare their Vision of success in the future and be ready to articulate it to the management team. The workshop content is about what a Vision and Mission really are and what the terms actually mean for your people. We don’t advocate fine words on a poster that no one reads as a Vision; it is a personal thing. The Mission is rather more tangible and sets out how in strategic terms the Vision will be achieved.

With a common understanding of what is meant by Vision and Mission, we then use the workshop to help each manager to distil their own Vision and Mission for their team that will contribute to achieving the sponsor’s Vision, and how they will share it with their team and gain their buy-in and support for achieving it.

The managers then have the task of discussing it with their teams and allowing them to shape the team’s Vision and Mission such that they are all committed to it.  It then becomes the reference point for all the team’s activities until it is either achieved or revised.

This is a set of key skills that are often completely under-rated or – worse – neglected. We cover the basics of how humans act and react towards each other and look at how managers can promote the behaviours and responses they want whilst avoiding those they don’t want.

We look at the art of building rapport, respect, allegiance and loyalty whilst maintaining a healthy balance of connection and familiarity.

Do your managers have the vital skillset of holding people to account, objective setting and progress monitoring without micro-managing? This workshop covers these vital aspects as well as the basics of coaching and helping people to think for themselves, and it covers the uncomfortable areas of managing poor performance and facing up to managing someone out of the business.

Against the backdrop of managing a schedule of work, the one thing that cannot be created is time. It is therefore essential to implement systems for managing the time that the team has available to it so that important things are done on time and unimportant things are not allowed to take up time.

Planning and scheduling time is uncomfortable for many, especially those who like spontaneity and dislike too much structure. There are ways to get things done on time and to quality standards that suit everyone if you are willing to be innovative.

Every team has customers (i.e. people who rely on it for something) and suppliers (people whom the team relies on for something). We look at how relationships with these people can make or break your team’s success and how to get the best outcomes for your customers and the best win-wins with your suppliers.

By the time you’re operating at the Enabling Level, your team will be ready to start broadening and there will be individuals emerging who have more to offer the organisation by developing their strengths and interests. We look at innovative ways of developing your people in line with their own level of confidence and potential to keep them contributing and learning.

This is a look at how to review the processes your team uses by mapping them and where necessary redesigning them to work better. It looks at the logical methodology and at the human side of the processes to ensure that both are considered ahead of making changes.

These rare skills can be learned and be extremely powerful in the hands of those who use them well.  Much is said about coaching, the manager as coach and so on but learning the basics is usually overlooked in favour of learning method or undertaking a coaching qualification taking a year or more.

We go back to the essentials of how people react and respond to what you say and how to use it to promote reflection, broader thinking and a willingness to please you.

Other titles that we can run on request include

  • Introduction to Supervision
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Holding Difficult Conversations
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Managing Conflict Successfully

We will design a workshop on a topic that meets a client’s specific circumstances where there is a clear need and benefit in doing so. Please contact us for information and to reserve your preferred training dates.

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